Goodbye, for good.


If that’s the way you love, well, you’ve got so much to learn… And if that’s the way you say goodbye, then this is how it ends and I’m alright with it. I won’t take one step back. Everything we’ve lived we can’t take back. But I don’t wanna hurt anymore. I’m done. I’m tired… You’re never going to see me cry again. ‘Cause I’ve already cried like never before. When you took my heart, you took it all. And it’s like you also took along myself. And when you gave it back, it fell apart, I completely fell apart. So go on…go on and break my heart. It won’t be the first time you do it, and saying “I’m sorry!” won’t make my pain go away.

But the worst thing of all is that I can’t believe I still want you after all the things we’ve been through, and after all the things you’ve said and done.I gotta say: I miss those green eyes. I miss how you kissed me at night. I miss the way we sleep, after we made love late at night. I loved the way you loved me, and how you were so tender and caring. Oh, God, I miss you as hell!!!

And, well, maybe I know that you’re not right for me. But maybe, it’s just so hard to see. But one thing I am certain of: it’s easier to hurt than to heal. And you sure hurt me, it felt like I’d die. But…I didn’t. I survived. Kinda numb, though…

If this is how it hurts, I think it couldn’t get much worse. If this is how it feels to fall, then that’s just the way it is. We live with what we miss…I missed you. And you, baby, lost my love and my devotion. And maybe, forever!

I’ll be okay. I’ll learn to build another wall, ‘till it falls again.


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